Top Characteristics of a Good Business Consultant in Dubai

Top Characteristics of a Good Business Consultant in Dubai

March 22, 2020

Dubai is the ME’s business hub, with strong support from the government. Personal and corporate taxes are non-existent other than in certain sectors. 100% foreign ownership is permitted, accountability is only to the company’s shareholders. The country’s world-class infrastructure, ease-of-doing-business regulations, free zones, relatively simple immigration rules are well-known. These features make the country an extremely attractive destination for entrepreneurs and global corporations. Consumer confidence is at a high level in Dubai. Working as a business consultant in Dubai can be a highly rewarding experience for the right candidate. Though business consultancy expertise is something that grows richer and more far-reaching with experience, modern business eco-systems are capable of supporting persons with the right skills too. While many people who enter the field of business consultancy have the inherent traits, it’s possible to learn and acquire them given the right opportunities.

Business Consultant


Honesty and personal values play a huge role in establishing your reputation as an unbiased, ethical, trustworthy consultant. Businesses require hard facts that help the owners/managers to face realities, change the way they do things, incorporate radically different systems, modernize, stay ahead of the competition and increase their profits. Additionally, it’s important to present yourself honestly, regarding your own skills, areas of expertise, etc.

Communication Skills

Being part of a team, great consultants are those with top-level social/emotional and language skills. Consultants must provide reports, presentations, business reports, feasibility studies, updates, etc. to the client. Communication skills are vital to stay in sync with the client and also be a team player. You will need delegation and organizational skills, know how to stay apolitical and avoid sticky communication gaps.

Problem Solving Ability

Companies hire an independent business consultant to handle certain knotty issues. You need solid analytical and research skills, number-crunching and financial skills and the ability to think creatively, out of the box whenever it’s required. Staying solution-focused goes a long way in establishing your role as a successful consultant.



While it’s great to be a Big Picture expert, it’s often the details that prove to be roadblocks. Business consultants who are domain experts are valued much more than generalists. This also means that you know the nuts and bolts of the business coupled with the right perspective to be objective and upfront about your observations.


Consultants are often called to jump right into the deep end of the problem. This means that the issue has undergone several attempts to set right, and which is why the consultant was brought in. Smart consultants are capable of stress-proofing themselves and offering consistent results no matter what.


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