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Relocating to a new place is causing too much stress? Rely on us at IB Movers. With our premier service all your household goods are handled with care and delivered to the new location well within time.


Moving Office furniture and commercial items demand professional attention. Choose us at IB Movers- the specialist Commercial Furniture Moving Company.

Packing & Unpacking

At IB movers, our team is not just skilled at packing your goods, but we help you in unpacking with equal care. Our professional team ensures that each and every item receives the careful handling that it would in your own hands.

Our Services


Trusted Movers 

Our team at IB Movers is composed of carefully chosen professionals who ensure that your good are moved cautiously and well within time. That is why IB Movers is the most trusted name in this industry.


Professional Furniture Installation

Installing furniture in a new apartment may seem very difficult. But do not worry as our team at IB movers are experts in this field and ensure that your old furniture fits the new place in a seamless way.


Packing Specialists

Have glass wares and other delicate items within your list. Why worry? We at IB Movers are specialist in packing and ensure perfect pack for all your items.


Highly Secure Storage

Even you have valuable items within your list, do not worry as our highly secured storage service is just as reliable as our packing and unpacking services.

Welcome to IB Movers Packers

One of the leading names in the field of packing and moving throughout UAE, IB Movers has been the partner for quick and efficient relocation of goods. Be it commercial moving or moving the items of your residence, our team are expert in handling all of it with all the love and care that you would want for your goods. It is this efficiency and reliability that marks us above our peers. Even if you have valuable items that need to be moved, you may rely on us as our services guarantee total safety and security.

Though our service is top notch, the charges are very affordable such that now you can pack and move without having to bury a hole in your pocket. We are available in the following regions:


Why Choose Us?

  • Flexible
  • Affordable
  • Easy Tracking
  • Safe and Secure Moving
  • On-Time Delivery


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