Sedan or SUV – the Better Choice?

Sedan or SUV – the Better Choice?

September 30, 2020

Sedan or SUV – the Better Choice?

Sometimes, when you are about to spend on car rentals, the choice between various car models becomes a difficult task. You are unable to select the right car model that would meet your requirements. You need to have a clear strategy that would convincingly help you in choosing a standard car without any hassles. You can either go for a sedan or an SUV. Both categories of cars are safe, reliable and high performing. But which model should you exactly choose? There are certain factors to be considered. You may rent Mazda 6 or any other suitable model. But you should be very clear with your ideas about the car you want.

Terrain Factor

The purpose of renting a car is extremely crucial. You must have coherent ideas regarding this. Are you renting a car for a road trip? If yes, then going for the SUV would be the most suitable decision. An SUV is made for rough and rugged terrains. On a road trip, the chances to come across such terrains are more. On the other hand, if you are planning to rent a car for a week-long business conference, then it is wise to go for a sedan.

Aerodynamic Attribute

Another factor that you must consider while renting is the extent of smoothness you want to experience while driving. The sedan category of cars has more aerodynamic attributes than SUVs. Plainly speaking, this attribute makes the driving experience smoother. You will really enjoy the session. But this does not mean that you can’t relish driving an SUV. If you are a bit particular about adding value to your driving experience, then a sedan is a better choice.

Budget for the Rental

There is no doubt that budget comes to mind before anything for most of the people out there. Are you on a shorter side of budget? If yes, then simply go for a sedan. If you have more money to spend and really don’t care about the expenses, then it is a better idea to choose the SUV rental packages. Discuss the provisions of customized rates with the service provider before you spend money.

Space Factor

If you need to travel somewhere with a large group of family and friends with lots of luggage items, then definitely the SUV is a better choice. It has a good amount of space. But if you are on a short trip to UAE and only need to move around, then Sedan is a decent choice.

Know the Difference

If you are still unsure simply call a reliable car rental like Quick Lease and consult with the team as to the difference between SUV and Sedan and to ideate about the better choice.


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