Most Common Citizenship by Investment Program Countries

Most Common Citizenship by Investment Program Countries

March 17, 2020

It is not easy to get a second passport in any country. It takes years if not decades in most countries. Most people give up along the way. The scrutiny, documentation, and expenses are a discouragement to most second citizenship seekers. But there is an easier option for people who have the means. 

Citizenship by investment is gaining popularity worldwide because of its ease of acquisition. Some like St Kitts and Nevis immigration service gives you an opportunity to enjoy visa-free travel to over 100 countries. But which are the best citizenship by investment across the world?

Commonwealth of Dominica

Dominican dual citizenship through investment is one of the highest-rated because of its flexibility and straightforwardness. The passport gives you travel access to over 120 countries visa-free. There are 2 options to gain citizenship: donation and real estate investment. You can make a donation of $123,810 as an individual or $243,740 for a family of 4. In real estate investment, the investment should be at least $268,810. The citizenship is popular because of the favorable climate of the country plus the attractive cost of living.

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St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship

This is one of the oldest citizenships of its kind with the existence of over 35 years. The passport gives you the freedom to travel over 130 countries visa-free or through visa-on-arrival option. It also has flexible terms that fit individuals and families as well. St Kitts and Nevis citizenship can be attained through donations or real estate investment. Individual applicants can make contributions of $183,150 to the Sustainable Development Fund (SDF). Families of 4 members can donate $239,100 to the fund to gain citizenship. Else, you can opt for real estate investment of $288,150 and $339,100 for single and family applicants respectively.


It takes around 2 decades to acquire citizenship through naturalization in Grenada. Grenada citizenship for sale is one of the best globally because of its few requirements. It does not require a physical residence and it is also part of the United States E-2 treaty. Apart from that, you can also access countries like Russia, China and Singapore visa-free. You can gain a Granada passport through real estate investment or donation to the NTF. You can inquire now from us because we are official partners Grenada Citizenship by Investment Committee. 

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Saint Lucia

The St Lucia citizenship program came into effect in 2016. The program offers passports through real estate investment, project investment or donations to the National Economic Fund. You can travel to over 140 countries visa-free. The passport does not require physical residency in the country, and it is manageable from your home country. The process takes around 90 days. The cost is around $110,000 and $210,000 donation for single applicants and families respectively. The real estate investment requirement is $360,000 and $455,000 for singles and individuals.


Cyprus passport by investment stands out because of its provisions to entrepreneurs. The program does not only give the freedom to work and reside in Cyprus but also in other EU countries. It has flexible options that accommodate even parents of the applicant for extra investment. However, this is one of the costliest citizenships for sale because you should fork out over €2 million in investment. But the investment is worth it because of the benefits accrued like free health and education in EU member states.


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