Why UV Printing is Taking Over the Market

Why UV Printing is Taking Over the Market

March 8, 2020

Put simply, UV printing employs the use of ultra-violet lights to ensure that the link settles firmly on the medium. The ink dries almost instantly and this comes very handy because it hastens the elimination of smudging the final printout. Now, Ultraviolet printing is the talk of the town in today's scenario. It has become so famous and the preferred mode of printing largely due to the fact that it offers better quality printing and in more durable that other methods of printing. Not only it is the most viable option these days because of its commercial aspect but it also offers itself as a way more sustainable method compared to conventional printing methods. It is seen that UV printing can be applied to a wide range of materials. Let’s discuss some of the many reasons UV printing Dubai is taking over the market.

UV printing

Error Elimination

Originally, the technique of curing which is a photochemical process of drying came into conception as a method to quickly dry up gel nail paints. On realizing the offering UV curing holds, the printing industry immediately took to this technique to keep smudging of final commercial prints at bay. This practice of curing the ink has helped the printing industry save on a lot of capital by eliminating this human error hence making the process a lot more superior.


Normally, in a printing process, solvent inks are used. These have a tendency to evaporate. Upon evaporation, these leave behind VOCs that are known to cause damage to the ecosystem. Apart from releasing these harmful compounds, traditional printing leaves behind a pungent odor along with heat dissipation. Further, drying these inks can take up too many days, which is, again, a waste of time. Such inks also get absorbed in the printing medium. Upon washing, the colors can fade and release colors in the washing medium.

However, in UV printing, solvent inks are not used. Instead, LED lights are used for curing the ink. The light evenly spreads the ink following a special process. The best part is that the inks dries up as soon as it is applied. Toxic fumes are not released, and this makes UV printing an eco-friendly printing technique.

UV printing process


Unquestionably, the ultraviolet (UV) printing process is a special, revolutionary and by far the most effective digital printing method. It uses UV light to cure almost every surface of the paint, adhesives, or other coatings. Indeed this printing method can be used on almost any surface as long as the material fits into the printers.


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