The Ultimate Brunch List

The Ultimate Brunch List

February 28, 2020

Brunch! It's one of the best things that bring people together. It's an even better experience when you're on a holiday. Brunch in Dubai is a whole new ball game. As you know, Dubai is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has several tourist attractions, so all its buildings, facilities, and services are top-notch. In Dubai, you'll find the most breathtaking restaurants. Apart from the aesthetics, the cuisine is also spectacular. If you're looking to experience a rich variety of themes and deliveries, check out the best brunches below!

Traiteur Brunch

The Traiteur Brunch is one of Dubai's top trending brunches. Perfectly executed buffets are held here. The dishes are provided by three restaurants and the Menu usually consists of Mediterranean dishes and lots of seafood. They have an amazing bar with the finest vintage wines. The ambiance is elegant and calming. Everything about this brunch screams pure class!

Brunch in Dubai


COYA is an amazing South American restaurant in Dubai that sure knows how to get a party started! As soon as you walk in, you'll be greeted with tequila shots and groovy Latin music. The atmosphere is vibrant and you'll find the most interesting people dancing or congregating at the well-stocked Pisco Bar. Then of course, there's the buffet filled with mouthwatering dishes like ceviche, ribs, guacamole and so many more.


Zuma is the best restaurant in Dubai to celebrate special occasions. Take your friends, family, or partner to this classy place for an unforgettable experience. The restaurant is so high-class that brunch reservations have to be made three weeks in advance. Zuma serves the best Asian cuisines including sashimi, miso baby chicken, yakitori, etc. There's also an attractive bar that is sticker with classic Japanese whiskies and cocktails. Experience fine dining at its absolute best!

Brunch in UAE


Bubbalicious is another trending brunch in Dubai. It holds at The Westin Dubai and is managed by three top-rated restaurants, Blue Orange, Spice Emporium, and Hunters. A vast and exquisite array of Indian and Asian cuisines are served. This brunch is popular because of its family friendly packages. It caters to young and old, singles and couples, and everyone else. No one is left out! For entertainment, there is an amazing live Band with beautiful dancers. 


You should really take some time out of your busy schedule to visit this grand beachside restaurant. It gives you the complete vacation experience. The decor is warm and cozy, and it complements the beautiful skyline. As if that wasn't enough to transport you to paradise, the menu is filled with lots of Italian cuisines. It really is the place to be!


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