Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Energy Saving Water Heaters

Five Reasons Why You Should Buy Energy Saving Water Heaters

February 17, 2020

Energy saving water heaters has become particularly popular in Dubai for their efficiency and cost-saving potential. These water heaters are heated by a variety of energy sources including gas, electricity and even solar-power meaning that you can find one that suits the infrastructure that your home already has. The type that you choose depends heavily on your personal circumstances, family size and needs. We have compiled a list of advantages of energy saver water heaters Dubai to help you make a more informed decision.

Energy Conscious Water Heaters

It is a given that the energy-saving water heater models should use less energy than a conventional water heater which is a massive advantage in itself. Studies and tests have proven that any of these energy-saving models should yield a minimum energy reduction of 50%. One of the reasons for this is that they are able to heat water faster and retain this heat for longer. However, these models do not come cheap but will be repaid over a long period of savings opportunities.

Energy Saver Water Heaters

Rebates and Tax Benefits

It is always nice to get some money back from the government and the good news is that by fitting an energy-saving water heater you will qualify for a tax rebate annually. The government is attempting to get all citizens to purchase energy-efficient models to reduce energy consumption as a whole which is why you are rewarded with the tax rebate opportunity. This is also to help cover the cost of the expensive initial purchase of the system.

Keeping Maintenance to a Bare Minimum

Unlike conventional water heaters, energy-saver models have lower maintenance needs. The advancement in technology has allowed for the models to perform more efficiently. As a result, they do not need to be maintained as often. This means that you will save on maintenance costs too! It is important to remember that even though you will have to maintain less, you still need to schedule maintenance to keep everything in optimal condition.

Friendly for the Environment

Friendly for The Environment

When you use an energy-saver water heater you are also doing your part to contribute to the green movement. The energy-saving models produce far less air pollutants than the conventional models. With less energy usage, there is less strain on resources allowing for more sustainable usage of energy. When parts break they are also biodegradable which makes for excellent recycling opportunities. If you want to go green, then an energy-saver model is the way to go. To see if your current heater holds up to market requirements, you may check it here.


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