Cloud Computing and Its Effect on The IT Industry

Cloud Computing and Its Effect on The IT Industry

February 27, 2020

From our emails to watching videos on YouTube, pretty much everything we use in our lives is created by IT. The IT industry is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing sectors in every economy. As one of the major kinetic industries, IT can help us evaluate both the past and the future.

But, as with most industries, the IT Industry faces great disruptions and cloud computing has helped the industry in bringing as well as adapting to new changes. But before we dig deeper into how cloud computing can change the traditional IT industry, let's see what cloud computing is? Cloud computing can simply be defined as the provision of computing services to store or process data over the internet. If you are looking for cloud solutions in UAE, then you are on the right page. We have listed five reasons how the cloud will be changing IT industry for good.



One of the biggest changes that cloud computing can bring in the traditional IT industry is that it will create more jobs. As the companies and businesses learned the needs and benefits of the cloud, there has been a rise in the demand for multi-cloud infrastructure. With this system, the companies can choose the specific services from multiple cloud service providers, which will mean companies have to hire more IT personnel to manage the systems.


With the growing trend of online data sharing, the internet has become less and less secure. One of the biggest benefits of cloud computing is its high-level encryption. But with the growing demand for cloud computing, this industry too needs to update its security measures. Issues like misplaced data or insecure data environments should be countered with advanced encryption, and much more.

Serverless Computing

Adapting to cloud computing has given birth to the development and advancement of serverless computing. These computing systems work without operating systems, infrastructure, and servers. All you need is a third-party application, which will provide the infrastructure that can be managed via physical machines and software.


Advancement of the IT industry and cloud computing has given birth to Kubernetes. It is an open-source container orchestration system that automatically manages and containerized data from various cloud servers, which reduces the manual labor of deploying and scaling containerized applications and data.



Another thing that will bring changes in the traditional IT industry is the level of competition that will come in the coming years. The demand for the IT industry will grow by about 60% and will require enhanced data protection. With new data coming in, new and secured servers will be needed, which means new cloud computing companies will pitch in.


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